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Fina-CAF Airsho 2007 - courtesy CAF
Ghost Squadron's Golden Airsho'

Photography: Guilherme Bystronski

B-25 Mitchell B-25 Mitchell
A-26B Invader A-26B Invader
Replica Zero Replica Aichi D3-1A Val
Replica Nakajima B5N Kate A6M3 Zero
FM2 Wildcat F6F Hellcat
TBM3 Avenger TBM3 Avenger
SBD Dauntless P-51D Mustang
P-47D Thunderbolt C-47 Skytrain
L-39 Albatross HA-1112 (Me-109) Bouchon
FG-1D Cosair A-1 Skyraider
EA-1E Skyraider P-47D Thunderbolt
B-17G Flying Fortress B-25 Mitchell
A-26B Invader A-26B Invader
F-15E Strike Eagle P-51D Mustang
FM2 Wildcat T-28 Formation
A-26B Invader A-26B Invader
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